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Fully Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Dynamic Rotary Worktable

Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Rotary Turntables

  • Npack’s turntables are powered tables that load, unload and transfer bottles to and from the conveyor. Our turntables are constructed from the highest quality stainless materials with variable speed drives, reversable rotation, and are height-adjustable. Turntable tops are polished stainless steel and they’re laser cut to create a perfect circle.

Fully Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Dynamic Rotary Worktable
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  • This worktable is used to unscrambling disorder glass bottle and make the glass bottle in order to production line.
  • The worktable adopts the frequency changer to have speed control, gear driven rotating work table so that bottles or cans in the rotation under the action of tangential force sequential automatic entry conveyor inlet easy to combine with all kinds of conveyor production line.
  • The worktable has the advantages of elimination of labor, improve the effectiveness, frequency control for rotary movement, making bottles to access sequentially on conveyor.
  • The worktable structure is simple, convenient to operate, no replacement parts, suitable for different bottle shape and height, is the ideal supplementary production line equipment.
  • The machine adopts the high quality of stainless steel 304 material, meet with the food grade, has long lifespan.

Fully Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Dynamic Rotary Worktable
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  • This bottle unscrambler is a dynamic worktable with frequency control. The machine is used as a buffer platform applying for intermediate junction of assembly line to reduce the length of conveyor. Both the range of bottle and the speed can be adjusted freely, which is benefit for the priduction. Its procedure: put bottles onto round turntable, then turntable rotate to poke bottles onto conveying belt.