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Bottle Conveyor Belt System

Standard Conveyors

  • Npack variable speed conveyors are built to fit your production needs. They are available in a wide variety of lengths, widths, and construction materials and types. Both straight and curved configurations (L, S, and U-shapes) are available to help you maximize your production proficiency and fit your space requirements. The modular design allows you to add complete conveyors or extensions to your existing production line. Whatever your packaging environment may be, Npack will manufacture the right conveyor to suit your needs.

Bottle Conveyor Belt System
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Conveyors Features

  •  PLC full automatic control
  • Adopts helical turbine reduction motor, all motors are variable frequency speed motor IP55, insulation level: F
  • Electric closet uses spray carbon steel material and meets IP54 function. The material is suitable for sealing completely. The main line should enter in from the below of the electric closet. 3 phase + midline + landlines. Above the ground 150 mm.
  • All the motors adopt 2.5 mm four core cable, using gray blue line 0.5 mm
  • All wires go into the motor through trunking which is made of 1.2 mm 304 stainless steel
  • The installation of trunking is higher than conveying chain below
  • Wire qualification slots, through 20 mm stainless steel tube connects motor sensor, connect the sensor joint rapid joint, can not directly bound docking. Transmission line or switch fuse must be of the waterproof connector
  • All the electrical components to have marking, the line number
  • No single part in changing the pressure set separate start stop reset switch.
  • The whole line in personnel accessible area (the operator) to arrange a sudden stop switch, alarm lamp. Electricity installation party on 3 association-like signal lamp, and high alarm (85 dB above), must achieve fault alarm
  • The cupboard door should paste English marked electricity safety tips logo.

Bottle Conveyor Belt System
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Conveyors Introduction

  • A conveyor system is a common piece of bottle handling equipment that integrated with packaging machines. Conveyor systems moves containers from one packaging machine to another.