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Automatic 4 Wheels Capping Machine

Automatic 4 Wheels Capping Machine

  • The screw capper applies screw caps to containers with constant rotation head mounted on each capping head. Bottle itself picks cap from the suite and after picking cap Bottles enters in the machine and transferred to the turret star wheel where they are placed in the star wheel pockets to precisely align them underneath the capping heads
  • Screw capping machine in order to be used for different capping applications such as food & beverages, pharmaceutical, pesticides, distilleries, cosmetic, toiletries, personal care, chemical, oil etc.Machines can often be supplied with cap Elevator.

Automatic 4 Wheels Capping Machine
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Automatic 4 Wheels Capping Machine Introduction

  • Main structure stainless steel 304 machine.
  • The automatic capping machine is controlled by touch screen, parameter can be set on touch screen easily.
  • The machine is flexible for different size of round bottles, square bottles and flat bottles by adjustment.
  • Capping time can be set to fit different caps and different levels of tightness.

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  • 1.Controlled by DALTA touch screen.
  • 2.Adjustable for different sizes and shapes of caps and bottles
  • 3.Bottle Clamp belt bottle in system is optional for upgrade capping speed, up to 40BPM
  • 4.Integrated digital control with Schneider PLC and high-tech touch screen controls for easy operation.
  • 5.GMP standard stainless steel.

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Technical Parameters

Capping Head1 Heads
Production Capacity12-30BPM depending on bottle sizes and shapes
Bottle HeightUp to 460MM
Cap DiameterUp to 70MM
Voltage/Power220VAC 50/60Hz 450W
Driven wayMotor with 4 wheels
InterfaceDALTA Touch Screen
Spare PartsCapping Wheels
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Main Component List

1Capping MotorJSCCGermany Technology
2ReducerJSCCGermany Technology
5Pneumatic CylinderAIRTACTAIWAN
7Press ControllerAIRTACTAIWAN
8Main Structure304SS