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Automatic 5L-30L jerry can filling machine

  • Applications include free flowing to viscous products, including chunky products. Fill volumes from 5L to 30Ltr at high flow rates with accuracies up to ±0.2% dependent upon pail size and type of product.
  • The Automatic 5L-30L jerrycan filling machine is an extremely flexible filler capable of filling accurately and rapidly any viscosity liquids. Product delivery from your bulk tank to the pistons can be configured with a buffer tank utilizing a level-sensing float, a manifold with direct draw, or recirculation methods.
  • The NPACK electric high capacity 5L oil filling machine is manufactured with a 304 stainless steel frame and is capable of supporting 1 to 12 fill nozzles PLC Controls, touch screen, food grade contact parts, stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction, plus many more features come standard.
  • NPACK electric high capacity 5L-30L oil filling machine are designed to add efficiency to any production line used in the cosmetic, food industry, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. Additional options are available for sanitary, hazardous, flammable and corrosive environments

Configuration List

Servo motorPanasonic1.5KWJapan
Conveyor motorZhenYuYZ2-8024China
Servo driversPanasonicLXM23DU15M3XJapan
Touch ScreenSchneiderHMZGXU3500France
Frequency ConverterSchneiderATV12HO75M2France
Photo electricity of inspect bottleOPTEXBRF-NJapan
Pneumatic ElementAirtacTaiwan
Rotary ValveF07/F05No Need for Oil
Pneumatic actuatorF07/F05No Need for Oil
Low-Voltage ApparatusSchneiderFrance
Proximity switchROKOSC1204-NTaiwan
Lead ScrewTBITaiwan
Butterfly valveCHZNAChina
Automatic Cleaning Chemical Filling Line

Technical Parameters

Filling Nozzles1-12Nozzles
Production Capacity800 -5000Bottles Per Hour
Filling Volume100-500ml,100ml to 1000ml, 1000ml to 5000ml
Power1500W to 3000W, 220VAC
DrivenPanasonic Servo Motor
InerfaceSchneider Touch Screen

Features of Automatic jerry can filling machine

  • Drip free nozzles with drip tray for accidental drip.
  • Non contact electronic sensor to ensure “no bottle no fill” system.
  • PLC system with E100 HMI two line LCD displays and VFD control of C.G. make for conveyor speed control.
  • German measuring chamber for better repeatability of 0.05%. Having in built non liquid contact sensor for measuring rotation of chamber.
  • Body frame made up of M.S. with Powder coating.
  • Capable of automatic intake of empty bottles / container on to the filling station and discharge after filling bottles with the help of stop and release lever pneumatically operated.
  • Fast flow and fine flow system for better accuracy, interval can be steed form PLC, Volume would be steed individually for each nozzle with a increment of 1ml.
  • Neck entry system so that the nozzle enter inside the container before filling to avoid spillage.
  • 16 feet conveyor with 12 inches stainless steel slats and suitable for filling containers along with electric motor for main drive and conveyor reduction gear box and variable frequency drive.
  • Enclosed body with transparent Acrylic doors in front and back
  • Pneumatically operated Nozzle Up-Down movement & stopper Gates for bottle entry and exit.
  • Adjustment can be made without interrupting filling sequence.
  • Manual valve on bypass line of pump.
  • Vane pump of 200 LPM
  • In built memory to store 25 filling setting data.
  • Filling accuracy of +/- 0.25%

Vegetable Oil Filling Machine


  • The oil filling Machine is having its own pumping system to connect the machine with the main / buffer tank of the product. The volume to be filling is measured by the measuring devices, which consist of multi piston positive displacement volumetric device. The flow of liquid is to be measured and converted in to electronic pulses by encoders and controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). All settings to be done on the MMI (man machine interface) keypad which is provided on the control panel.
  • The machine is totally flexible, universal and “filler friendly”.
  • Edible oil filling system mainly useful in filling plastic bottles, glass bottles and even metal containers. The applications of such a machine include the ability to fill several types of oil, like vegetable oil, edible oil, cooking oil, lubricant oil. In addition to that this machine has several good features including a no drip feature and the ability to make adjustments on they fly. It is a highly efficient machine with good performance that does not cost a lot to maintain.


Products Used in Jerrycan Filler Systems

  • At Npack, your jerrycans are no problem. From 500 milliliters to 30 liters, we manage your jerrycans with screw caps, flexspouts or push-on caps. We can design and build your jerrycan filling machine or even engineer an entire filling system to meet your container and production requirements.
  • Jerrycans can accommodate liquid products that will not be adversely affected by the metal or plastic container.
  • Liquids include:
  • Household chemicals
    Cleaning solvents
    Vegetable oils
  • A variety of industries use jerrycans to transport their liquid products. Agrochemical, chemical, food, paint, coating, petrochemical, vegetable oil and lubricant companies require different jerrycan sizes and shapes. Our jerrycan filling system will efficiently fill containers to the desired volume with accuracy to prevent overflow so you aren’t giving away liquid products for free.