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motor oil

Motor Oil Filling Machine

  • Our Motor Oil liquid filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the Motor Oil industry. We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your Motor Oil filling needs and meet your production goals.

motor oil filling machine
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Motor Oil Filling Machine Introduction

  • Motor oil is one of the many types of liquid products that Npack Machinery’s liquid fillers are designed to handle. We carry many models of motor oil filling machines along with other types of equipment to meet your facility’s specific needs, including customizable cappers, labelers, and conveyor systems. We’ll assist with product selection to determine which machinery will work best in your facility, and help with installation and setup.
  • The 50-1000ml lubricant oil filling machine is suitable for low viscous liquid bottles containers that are less than 1000ml in volume. With an automatic bottle unscrambler, filling machine, rotary capping machine and gluing/self-adhesive labeling machine, the chemical packaging line is a complete production line that packages and seals cartons. This effective bottle packaging machine is adjustable to fill low viscous liquids such as cleaners, detergent,liquid soaps and other low viscous liquid and applies anti-theft caps.
  • This machine is also known as engine oil filling machine, engine oil packing machine, motor oil filling machine, lube filler, lube oil filler, lube packing machine, motor oil filler, motor oil filling machine, motor oil packing machine, motor oil filling machine

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Motor Oil Filling Machine Features

  • Motor Oil Filling Machine is designed to be compact and reasonable.
  • 2 Choosing the international brand of electrical components. The main powered cylinder, chose the Taiwan Airtac double-action cylinder and magnetic switch, the Japanese Mitsubishi PLC computer, photo electricity and Taiwan-manufactured touching screen, ensuring a good quality and lasting steady performance.
  • 3 Convenient maintenance without any tools. This machine can be dispart, cleaned and fixed easily.Filling precision and quantity are adjustable and should be regulated among a big range firstly,then be trimmed.
  • 4 We can customize the filling machine with specific filling-head number and particular cylinder volume,based on the user’s production demand. 6-head, 8-head and 10-head can be chosen.The cylinder volume can be chosen from 25-250ml, 50-500ml and 100-1000ml. The whole machine is speed-adjustable.
  • 5 Considering the different viscosity of user’s material ,we especially set a special filling valve to adjust to different situations. and We also designed a descending filling lift system. In order to make the material-falling accurate at the bottle mouth , we designed a horizontal bottle-aiming fixture device.
  • 6 The machine set a weight filling program to fix the flow parameter and makes the machine adjustable to the complicated material varieties. The system can realize the one-machine multi-use without other parts and decrease the equipment’s repeated investment.

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Advantage of Motor Oil Filling Machine

  • Use strong and long life PVC material
  • PLC control, and adjust the filling volume by touch screen
  • Low cost for investment
  • Diving filling head to anti foamy

Lubricant Oil Filling Machine
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Install a Complete System of Motor Oil Filling Machinery

  • Medium-viscosity liquid products like motor oil require certain types of equipment to efficiently fill containers. Our motor oil filling equipmentis designed to work with this product, allowing for full customization to meet your production line’s individual requirements. Based on space requirements and more demands, we’ll help you choose the right equipment for your facility. We also offer several other types of machinery to complete the packaging process.
  • Following the completion of the liquid filling process, cappers can place custom-sized and -shaped caps to containers. Labeling machines can apply branded labels with custom images and text. To transport products efficiently throughout the production line, conveyors are available with customizable speed settings and configurations. Using a combination of this machinery in your facility, you can benefit from maximized productivity and accuracy throughout the entire packaging process, from start to finish.

motor oil
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Customize Equipment in Your Production Line

  • Npack Machinery offers a wide range of customizability for motor oil filling machines and other products in our inventory. Choose from a wide range of configurations, setups, and sizes to complete your liquid packaging system. Our team of experienced professionals can work with you to select the right equipment and design a complete customized system that gives you the best achievable results.
  • To begin with the design and implementation of a complete system of motor oil filling machinery and other equipment from us, contact Npack Machinery for immediate assistance. We also offer complementary services in addition to high-quality products to make sure you get the most out of your equipment. Our services include installation, field service, performance improvement, operator training, high-speed cameras, and leasing. With a combination of our products and services behind your facility, you can benefit from maximized longevity and profitability from your packaging line.


filling machine
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Lubricant oil filling machine Main performance parameters

  • 1. Capacity: 50ml -100ml ≤ 6000b/h; 500ml ≤5000b/h; 1000ml≤5000b/h
  • 2. Bottle type: round bottle Φ40-100 mm, height 80-280 mm  flat bottle (40-100mm)*(40-100mm)*(80-280mm)(L x W x H)
  • 3. Diameter of bottle opening: ≥φ25mm
  • 4. Filling range: 50-1000ml
  • 5. Precision: (1000ml)±0.1%
  • 6. Air pressure: 0.6~0.8 MPA
  • 7. Power source: ~380V,50HZ
  • 8. Production line height: 900mm±50mm
  • 9. Filling materials: liquid soap, cleaners and low viscous liquid packing
  • 10. Bottle feeding direction: From left to right