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Powder Filling&Sealing Machine

  • Are you in the market for packaging solutions for powders? Npack offers a powder filling machine line which is ideal for everything from chemicals to spices. We supply both automatic and semi-automatic equipment which has been proven to be safe and effective.
  • Our auger filler machines and vertical form fill and seal machines ensure products like sugar, powdered milk, detergent, and flour are packaged accurately. Whether you have a new production facility, you’ve expanded your product range, or you need to replace older equipment, a modern powder filling machine will enhance your operations. It will enable you to package your product more efficiently and streamline your production

Powder filling&Sealing Machine

Automatic Powder Filling&Sealing Machine Description

  • The NP-PAF Automatic powder auger filling and capping machine is application for automatic filling powder
  • Into the bottles, vials and cans, then automatic capping(sealing) the bottles. It is monoblock machine.
  • The main products are glitter powder, pepper, cayenne pepper, milk powder, rice flour, albumen powder,soy milk powder, coffee powder, medicine powder ,additive, essence and spice, etc It can connnect with a bottle feeding table or bottle unsrambler from start, and connection with NP-RL round bottle labeling machine or NP-TS double side labeling machine being a full automatic packaging lines.


  • Compact GMP model.
  • The unit is made compact & versatile as per current norms.
  • All contact parts made from high quality Stainless Steel 316.
  • Machine body is elegantly matt finished from Stainless Steel 304.
  • Slat conveyor belt made from Stainless Steel 304.
  • “No Cartridge – No Filling” system to avoid wastage of costly liquid.
  • High filling accuracy of ±0. 1% in single dosing.
  • Plugging without leaving plug on cartridges.
  • Latest design picks up system.
  • All three operations on one platform, hence less space requirement.

essential oil filling machine


  • 1.Servo motor driven, Siemens PLC and touch screen
  • 2.Adapt with automatic powder feeder to feed powder into hopper
  • 3.Equipped with dust cover and dust suction system when filling the powder.
  • 4.IT increase the filling nozzle and capping head to increase the working capacity

Fully Automatic Vial Filling Capping Machine

Technical Parameters

Bottle diameterΦ15-80mm(customize)
Bottle height15-150mm(customize)
Filling Weight1 – 5g,5-30g,30-100,100-500g
Filling Accuracy≤ 100g, ≤±2%; 100 – 500g,≤±1%
Filling Speed15 - 35bottles/min30 - 70 bottles/min
Power Supply3phase AC380V  50/60Hz
Air Supply6 kg/cm2   0.05m3/min
Total Power1.8Kw2.3Kw
Total Weight450kg550kg
Overall Dimensions1400×1120×1850mm1700×1420×2000mm
Hopper Volume35L25L(two hoppers)
Powder filling&Sealing Machine


  • Exceptional flexibility adapts to small bottles
  • E-cigarette fluids, eye drops and penicillin products
  • Conveyor has adjustable guide rails and replaceable star wheels to suit different product configurations

Powder filling&Sealing Machine


  • Low energy consumption, high throughput
  • Integrated touch-screen controls for ease of use and high productivity
  • Volume Set feature to control all pistons through Servo System
  • Volume for each piston can be set with one touch on screen – no manual adjustment required




  • Management setting with password protection to restrict access
  • Fully enclosed, easy to manage quick changeovers
  • Built in mobility castors to make efficient use of floorspace