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Fruit Jam

Fruit Jam Filling Machine

  • Fruit jam filling machine was designed by our company to cater to the great requirement of the market.This fruit jam filling machine use positive displacement piston pump to do accurate filling.And it has great durability, heatproof and acid-base resistance.

fruit jam Filler

Configuration List

Servo motorPanasonic1.5KWJapan
Conveyor motorZhenYuYZ2-8024China
Servo driversPanasonicLXM23DU15M3XJapan
Touch ScreenSchneiderHMZGXU3500France
Frequency ConverterSchneiderATV12HO75M2France
Photo electricity of inspect bottleOPTEXBRF-NJapan
Pneumatic ElementAirtacTaiwan
Rotary ValveF07/F05No Need for Oil
Pneumatic actuatorF07/F05No Need for Oil
Low-Voltage ApparatusSchneiderFrance
Proximity switchROKOSC1204-NTaiwan
Lead ScrewTBITaiwan
Butterfly valveCHZNAChina

Fruit Jam Filling Machine Description

  • This fruit jam filling equipment is suitable for viscous liquid,like sesame sauce,tomato sauce,peanut butter,jam,seafood sauce,seasoning sauce,honey,paste and so on.When the jam filling machine connected to the washing machine,tunnel sterilizing,labeling machine and packing machine,they are the complete filling line.
  • Each component are connected with clamps,easy for customers to change different material frequently and cleaning requirements.
  • Adopting domestic and international famous brands electrical and pneumatic components, low failure rate, stable and reliable,using life is long.
  • All material contact parts are made of stainless steel,corrosion-resistant, easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Simple adjustment of filling volume and filling speed,once no bottle comes or no material feeding in,the machine will stop automatically. The filler mouth has anti-drip device,
  • No need to change parts, you can quickly change different sizes or shapes bottle.


Fruit Jam Jars Filling Machine

Feature of Chocolate Filling Machine

  • 304 Stainless steel construction , and the liquid contact parts are 316L stainless steel
  • Schneider PLC and touch screen control
  • Servo motor Driven, one servo motor drive one piston, high speed and high accuracy.
  • Accurate filling volume, within ±0.2 for 1000ML
  • No bottle ,no fill, automatic warning on errors
  • The filling blocked nozzles are anti drops, silk, and auto cut viscous liquid
  • Easy to maintain, no special tools are required.
  • Diving nozzles for bottom up filling of foaming products if need
  • Bottle mouth can be located if need

Installation and Debugging

  • We will send engineers to carry out installation and debugging of the equipment in buyer’s place if requested.
    The cost for International double ways air tickets, accommodations, food and transportations, medical shall be paid by Buyer for the engineers.
  • The normal debugging term is 3-7days, and the buyer should pay US$80/day per engineer.
    If customer do not require above, then customer need to be train in our factory. Before installation, the customer need read the operation manual   firstly. Meanwhile, we will offer an operation video to customer.



Introduction Fruit Jam

  • Fruit Sauce is a quick and easy-to-make sauce recipe. The main ingredients used to prepare it are fruits like mango, orange, banana and grapes. You can also add more fruits of your choice to make this sauce. Fruit Sauce can be used as a dressing or syrup over ice-creams, pancakes and desserts. Its sweet favour also compliments other dishes and can be enjoyed in during summers. This sauce recipe would be relished by adults and kids alike.