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essential oil

Essential Oil Filling Machine

  • If your essential oil production line needs new reliable liquid filling equipment, Npack Machinery carries products that are intended for the filling and packaging of essential oils and many other liquid products. Our product line includes a wide selection of filling machines, cappers, labelers, and conveyors. We offer models of each that can package essential oils along with many other liquid products of varying viscosity levels.


  • We can help you design and install a complete system of essential oil filling machines, along with machinery for other products. We offer customizable gravity fillers, overflow fillers, piston fillers, pressure fillers, pump fillers, and more. We also offer fillers for molten products. Liquid filling machines aren’t the only products you can find at Npack Machinery, however. You can choose from a variety of other types of machines to complete your liquid packaging system.
  • Following the filling process, you can use our cappers to apply caps of varying sizes to containers, forming an airtight seal that prevents leakage and contamination. Labelers in our inventory can attach custom labels to containers, including labels made of paper, Mylar, and clear materials. Conveyor systems efficiently transport containers through the entire system, maintaining a consistent speed. All of our equipment is built to provide sufficient production for years, with simple operation.

essential oil filling machine


  • Facilities can utilize a completely customized configuration of essential oil filling machinery, with many size and shape options to meet space requirements. Each piece of equipment can work cohesively to keep operations smooth, allowing you to get the results you want from your production line. Our equipment is constructed with high-quality materials that can avoid wear through long periods of heavy use, requiring less frequent maintenance than other machines of inferior quality. We can help you design a custom liquid filling system that works best in your facility.

essential oil filling machine


  • If you want high-quality essential oil equipment for your packaging systems and facilities today, we’re ready to help you with the installation of a complete setup based on your application’s specific requirements. You’ll be able to experience the benefits of a fully customized system designed to keep your operations efficient from production to shipping. We also carry equipment for many other applications, with customizable machinery based on the needs of food and non-food liquid products of all types.
  • To further improve your essential oil filling system, we also offer a variety of services such as field service, installation, leasing, and high-speed camera services that can help with operator training and equipment performance improvement. For assistance with equipment selection and production line configuration, contact Npack Machinery to speak with an expert.

Install a Complete Cosmetic Filling Equipment System

  • Cosmetic products have varying levels of viscosity, which is why you should make sure you install the right liquid filling machinery in your facility to get the results you want. Overflow fillers, piston fillers, pump fillers, and gravity fillers are available depending on viscosity. Whether you have an assembly for gels, lotions, ointments, pastes, creams, or other types of liquid cosmetics, we have cosmetic filling equipment that can handle these products and keep your production line moving smoothly.
  • Following the liquid filling process, other types of equipment can maintain efficiency of the packaging process all the way through to completion. Capping equipment can apply caps of different shapes and sizes to a wide range of containers, labelers can apply high-quality labels with custom graphic and text, and conveyors can transfer products at varying speeds between stations.


  • Filling volume: 1-80 ml
  • Filling speed: 2000-3000 bottles /h
  • Voltage: 220V/380V 0.75KW
  • Air Pressure: 4-5 kgf/cm2
  • Hopper piston: 40L ( it can be customized.)
  • Size: L1450 XW1240 X H1680 mm


Essential oil filling machine configuration

Essential oil filling machine
No.DescriptionsBRANDITEMRemark(made in China)
1Servo MotorPanasonic0.45KWJapan
3Conveyor MotorZhenYuYZ2-8024China
4servo driversPanasonicLXM 23DU15M3XJapan
6Touch ScreenSiemensHMZGXU3500German
7Frequency ConverterDanfossATV12H075M2
8Photo electricity ofOPTEXBRF-NJapan
Inspect bottle
9Pneumatic ElementAirtacTaiwan
10Rotary ValveF07/F05No Need for Oil
11Pneumatic actuatorF07/F05No Need for Oil
12Low-Voltage ApparatusSchneiderFRANCE
13proximity switchROKOSC1204-NTaiwan
15Lead ScrewTBITaiwan
16butterfly valveCHZNAchina