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Toothpaste plastic tube filling and sealing machine

Toothpaste plastic tube filling and sealing machine

  • When you are bottling Toothpaste there are several types of filling machines you may choose.
  • Our Toothpaste liquid filling machines are designed to meet the changing needs of the Toothpaste industry. We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your Toothpaste filling needs and meet your production goals.

Toothpaste plastic tube filling and sealing machine (1)
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Toothpaste plastic tube filling and sealing machine Introduction

  • At Npack macinery, we manufacture high-performance tube filling machines for creams and ointments. Our complete stock of tube filling equipments include Automatic Tube Filling, Tube Filling Fully Automatic Ointment/Cream Manufacturing Plant, Toothpaste Manufacturing Plant, ointment manufacturing plant, and Contra Rotating Mixer.
  • Our tube filling machines operate in an automatic process and are capable of filling tubes of diverse sizes. The ointment filling tools manufactured by us also offer superior performance while filling ointments and creams. Moreover, all the parts of our toothpaste filling devices are SS 316 complaint and adhere to the GMP quality standards. Execution of all the major transfers takes place with the help of vacuum, which prevents contamination
  • The Cosmetics & Personal Care manufacturing mixer and plant, Cosmetic Skincare Manufacturing equipment and Plants, pharmaceutical ointment & cosmetic industries for the production of Ointment, Cream, Lotions, Tooth Paste & other emulsions & homogenizations.
  • Npack is trusted manufacturing company since more than 20 year, we offered consumer products for the face, hair and body, cosmetics and personal care producers utilize a wide range of mixing technologies from Shree Bhagwati with wide Applications such as of Manufacturing Plants for Hair care products, Creams and lotions, Sun care products,Face creams, Makeup, Skin care products,Hair coloring and dyes, Cosmaceuticals,Toothpaste,Perfumes, Detergent,Air fragrances, Cosmetic Cream Mixer Equipment, Applications Include All Cosmetic and Personal Care Area. mixers widely used to make cream, ointment, lotion and emulsion in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Follow the product links below to learn more about each Ginhong vacuum homogenizer emulsifier machine, Contract Manufacturing & Filling, Shampoo, Cream, Lotion, Fragrance, Color Cosmetics & Lipsticks, Cosmetic Equipment & Machines, Cosmetic Manufacturing Machines, Special Purpose Cosmetics,Facial Masks,Vegan Cosmetics,Hair Dye Manufacturers, OTC Products Mixer, Manufacturing plant, inline harmonizer / mixer, filling line with turnkey project services.

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Toothpaste plastic tube filling and sealing machine Features

  • Compact Design
  • Driving Parts Fully-closed
  • Pneumatic Tube Washing & Feeding
  • Intelligent Temperature Control and Cooling System
  • Easy to Operate and Adjust
  • 316L Stainless Steel Contact Parts to meet GMP Standard
  • Safety Interlock Shutdown when Door is Open
  • Overload Protection Provided
  • Automated Working process from Tube Loading to Finished Products Output
  • Automatic Orientation Effected by Photoelectric Induction

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Optional Devices

  • Chiller
  • Date Coding Embossing
  • Automatic Tube Feeding Magazine
  • Change Parts

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Technical Parameters

  • Filling volume: 50-300ml/unit (Adjustable)
  • Filling accuracy: ≦±1﹪
  • Capacity: 2400-3000unit/hour, Adjustable
  • Tube diameter: Φ10-50 mm
  • Tube length: 50-200mm
  • Hopper volume: 40L
  • Power: 380V/220V (Optional)
  • Air pressure: 0.4-0.6 MPa
  • Equipped motor: 1.1KW
  • Machine power: 5kw
  • Inner wind motor: 0.37kw
  • Convulsions motor: 0.37kw
  • Dimension: 1950×760×1850(mm)
  • Weight: About 750 Kg

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Advanced design

  • 1.1 The machine suits for the filling of different sizes of vessel may change the filling sizes within a few minutes.
  • 1.2 Short filling circle, high production capacity.
  • 1.3 Changing filling circle, high production capacity.
  • 1.4 User may choose the filling volume and decide the filling heads per own production capacity.
  • 1.5 The touching operation color screen, can display the production state, operation procedures and filling ways, tableau objective, operation simple and maintenance convenient.
  • 1.6 Each filling-head is equipped with a bottle-mouth-clamping device, ensuring the injecting material correct aiming at.


Toothpaste plastic tube filling and sealing machine
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  • The machine has compact structure, automatic piping and fully closed transmission part.
  • The machine is operated by fully automatic operation system to complete piping, washing, marking, filling, hot melting, etc.
  • The whole process of sealing, coding, repairing and producing finished products.
  • The pneumatic way is used to supply and wash pipes, and the action is accurate and reliable.
  • Suitable for: plastic pipe, composite pipe or metal pipe