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Automatic Round Bottle Wrap Labeler

Round Bottle Labeling Machine

  • Wrap-Around Automatic Labeling Machine is a stand type bottle labeling machine that is suitable for adhesive labels to be applied on cylindrical containers of various shape and material.
  • For all kinds of cylindrical,tapered objects wrap around labeling.
  • Widely used in food, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.It can work alone or connect to production line.
  • Date printer can be added to print production date,batch lot and expiry date while labeling.
  • It is suitable for a range of round bottles.
  • The machine is adapted advanced technology in the world.
  • Touch screen and PLC control
  • Around 30 memory recipes for labeling parameters easy for change bottle size.
  • Low or missing label detect.
  • Synchronized speed selection
  • Servo motor drive for high accuracy and high speed
  • No bottle no labeling.
  • Technical parameters
Labeling speed (pcs/min)40-100 (relate to material and label size)
Labeling accuracy(mm)±1.0mm (material and label sizes are not counted in)
Label size(mm)(L)20-280mm (H)25-140mm
Material size (mm)Φ20-φ100mm (H)40-200mm
Roll inside(mm)φ76mm
Roll outer diameter(mm)Max:Φ350mm
Machine size (mm)(L)2000*(W)850*(H)1450(mm)
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz/60Hz 1500W


  • Configuration Parts of Labeling machine (NP-RL)
1PLC1Siemens Made in German
2Touch Screen1Siemens Made in German
3Transducer1Delta Made in Taiwan
4DC24V Electrical Source1Delta Made in Taiwan
5Checking Label Sensor1Leuze (Made in German)
6Checking bottle Sensor1Keyence Made in Japan
7Optical1Keyence Made in Japan
10Emergency Switch1SCHNIDER FRANCE


  • if you need to print the EXP, MFG, Batch on the self-adhesive label, you need to add ribbon coding machine