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Automatic Honey Filling Line

Automatic Honey Filling Line

  • Honey Filling Line is manufactured by Npack for filling honey having the moisture content of up to 15%.
  • This Filling Line is manufactured by us with very high-quality material and as per the defined industry standards to meet the changing needs of the Honey industry.
  • The Honey Filling Machine comes in both automatic and semi-automatic versions.
  • The output of the semi-automatic machine is app 8,000 – 10,000 bottles per day and the capacity for an automatic filling machine is 15,000 to 25,000 per day.
  • Honey filling machine manufactured by us has been tested at various levels and it requires very low maintenance.
  • As we have customized this machine as per client’s requirements, in compliance with various industrial standards it is user-friendly – very easy to operate, compact in design and it has long durability.
  • We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your Honey filling needs and meet your production goals.

Automatic Honey Filling Line


  • Machines Main Included:
  • Bottle Feeding Turntable
  • Automatic Servo Filling Machine
  • Automatic Spindle Bottle Capper Machine
  • Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine
  • Bottle Working Table Rolling Type
  • Automatic carton sealing machine
  • Optional machinery:
  • Bottle Cleaning Machine
  • Disinfection equipment
  • Read the technical specification and features of our most popular machine – Honey Filling Line.
  • This honey bottle filling machine adopts piston pump to fill, suitable for all kinds of liquid, high precision; The structure of pump adopts shortcut dismantling organ, convenient to wash, sterilize.
  • The piston ring of volumetric injection pump use different material of silicone, polyclonal or other kinds according to liquid characteristic, use ceramic pump in special industry.
  • PLC control system, frequency conversion adjusting speed, high degree automation.
  • No bottle, no filling, auto count the quantity. And have the anti-drop device.
  • Filling quantity of all pumps is adjusted in a lump, minim adjustable for each pump. Easy and quick operate.
  • Filling head is equipped with anti-dropping equipment, diving to the bottom to fill, rise slowly, to avoid bubble.
  • The whole honey bottle filling machine is suitable bottles in different size, easy adjusting, and can be finished in short time.
  • The whole honey bottle filling machine meets GMP requirement

filling machine

  • Main features
  • a) Products to Fill:
    1) hot fill ( 35 ~ 40℃) , cold filling normal temperature
    2) Specific Gravity: 1.1 ~1.4 gr/cm3
    3) Spreading Chocolate past • Honey • Spreading Cheese paste, Molasses.
  • b) Bottle type:
    1) PET bottle • Quadrant Cross section • Volume 250 ml. • neck 32 mm.
    2) Glass Jars & PE, PET Jars • Cylindrical Cross section • Volume 200 ~ 350 ml.
    • neck 45 mm.
  • c) Filling tolerances: +/- max 0.5%
    honey Filling Machine basic composition
    1.1 Bottles & Jars cleaning by air.
    1.2 Automatic bottles feeding and holders (for plastic bottles if need)
    1.3 No dripping.
    1.4 Output 20 ~ 100 bpm.
    1.5 No bottle No fill
    1.3 Control panel with PLC touch screen. Malty filling programs saving.
    1.4 Double jacketed Hopper with:
    • 180 liters volume, • Level Detector. • Electric heaters.
    • Product’s temperature detector and control • Stirrer
    1.5 Easy dissembling the filling system and nozzles for cleaning.
    1.6 Machine’s body of SS 304, all parts in contact with product is SSL 316.