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Fully Automatic Weighting Type Filling Machine

Automatic Weight Filling Machine

  •  Automatic Weight Filling Machine are in ideal solution for ensuring each container you fill has the same amount of product in it. They are best for liquids filled in bulk quantities, such as 5-gallon pails, or products that have a very high value and thus need to be weighed correctly to avoid losing profit.
  • These machine have independently timed valves that are programmed by the filler’s computer, and precise amounts of liquid will flow by gravity into a container, stopping when a specific weight is reached.
  • They can be used with a wide range of different liquids, and are a practical and economical way to fill your product into containers.
  • How It Works:The product bulk supply is pumped into a holding tank above a set of pneumatically operated valves. Each valve is independently timed by the filler’s master computer so that precise amounts of liquid will flow by gravity into the container. Gravity fillers built with bottom up fill capability can handle a wide range of flowable liquids including foamy products.
  •  Application:This type of filler is best suited for liquids filled in bulk quantities e.g. 5 gallon pails, etc. or products that have a very high manufactured value
  •  Examples:Water, solvents, alcohol, specialty chemicals, paint, inks, corrosive chemicals i.e. acids and bleach.
  • Advantages:This is sometimes the only practical (and legal) type of filling for a limited range of applications and for large volume fills.

Fully Automatic Weighting Type Filling Machine
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Automatic Weighing Filling Machine Advantages

  • 1.Control arrangement would be Siemens PLC control system.
  • 2. Function interface having two rows of the color function interface, suitable process, steady and consistent.
  • 3. Function development for feeding nozzle is prepared with filling blocker. This mechanism can understand diving filling according to the substance property.
  • 4. Filling illustrate is the filling result displayed in the unit of mass, instinctive and clean.
  • 5.Real time alarm could alarm automatically when the error happens, mechanical stopping and alarming when the arrangement appears serious breakdown.
  • 6. Electrical essentials would be adopting the global well-known brand to make certain the extraordinary value, constancy and high accuracy.Machine rudiments of parts contacted with the substance use the 316 premium SS and non-poisonous, rust free PTEF hose. Further machine parts used by 316 high quality SS material.
  • 7. Expansion purpose could carry out the particular arrangement according to the consumer’s necessities.
  • 8. Counting exposure would real time count, reflecting the output directly.
  • 9.Filling detection could help if No-bottle no-filling, it would stop the filling if bottles are not enough.
  • 10. Function improvement would designed by smart weighing feedback arrangement to understand the unmanned debugging purpose.
  • 11. Environmental defense arrangement would Equipped with ecological frame, realize more dirt free and hygienic process environment.
  • 12. Maintenance state would fully accord to the GMP standard model, easy to disassemble and dirt free.
  • 13. Filling dose is more precise, the unique ± 1% of filling accurateness increased about 10 times.

semi automatic 20l weighing machine
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Semi Automatic 20L Weighing Machine

  • -Filling Nozzle Height can be adjustable conveniently
  • -Pneumatic Type / Weighing Filling Type
  • -With vacuum withdrawing function / no dripping
  • -Filling Accuracy: +-0.2% -Speed: 120-150pcs/hour
  • -Standard roller platform size: 1000mm (L) * 400mm (W)
  • -Standard height from ground to roller face: 500mm
  • -Total Length: 1100mm -Total Height:1500mm
  • -Net Weight: 95kg
  • -Power Supply: 220V, 50HZ, Single Phase
  • -Product direct contact part: SUS304
  • -Roller part: SUS304
  • -Frame support: high quality painted carbon steel
  • -Product:Liquid