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E-liquid Filling Machine

Automatic E-liquid Filling Machine

  • E-Liquid, E-Smoke, and Smoke Juice E-Cigarette refills require filling machines suited for free flowing liquids and small, highly accurate fill volumes. If your product fits this description, this is the section for you.
  • This automatic e-liquid filling line comes with everything you need to get your e-liquid bottling line up and running. It is designed to bottle up to 40 bottles per minute. Start your project today by filling out the form below!

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E-liquid Filling Machine Description

  • E-liquid filling machines suitable for e-cigarette liquids, penicillin products and eye drop products.
  • IC Filling Systems filling / inserting / capping monoblock machine with unscrambler is suitable for low to medium viscosity liquids, with accurate peristaltic and piston pumps filling performance. This machine features double pumps/nozzles to achieve a high production speed. Fill more, faster.
  • Its user-friendly design gives operators ease of operation, and is low maintenance for more uptime. You can choose between 2 or 4 pumps/nozzles to be fitted on your machine.
  • The Nib and Caps feed through vibrating bowls, and the capping mechanism uses a Permanent Magnet Hysterisis Clutch and Brake to easily control the capping torque. Contact parts are made from high quality 316 stainless steel.
  • Accurate bottle placements is assured by a servo-controlled star wheel to ensure perfect posiitioning for filling inserting and capping.

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Simple to use, made for your needs...

  • The monoblock’s highly efficient design allows easy operation and quick changeover for different product specifications. Each machine is designed and built to suit your specific requirements.

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Technical Parameters

Production capacity30-40 bottles/minute
Filling nozzle2 nozzles
Filling accuracy±1%
Press capping nozzles1 nozzles
Capping rate99% or more (depending on the characteristics of plug appropriate adjustment)
Speed controlfrequency control
Bottle sizeMore than 10 mm
The power supply380 V 50 Hz
Power2 kw
Air supply0.3~04kfg/cm2
Gas consumption10~15m3/h
Overall dimensions3000×1300×1700 mm
Automatic Nail Polish Filling Machine
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  • Exceptional flexibility adapts to small bottles
  • E-cigarette fluids, eye drops and penicillin products
  • Conveyor has adjustable guide rails and replaceable star wheels to suit different product configurations

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  • Low energy consumption, high throughput
  • Integrated touch-screen controls for ease of use and high productivity
  • Volume Set feature to control all pistons through Servo System
  • Volume for each piston can be set with one touch on screen – no manual adjustment required


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  • Management setting with password protection to restrict access
  • Fully enclosed, easy to manage quick changeovers
  • Built in mobility castors to make efficient use of floorspace