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Hand Sanitizer

Automatic Piston Sanitizer Bottle Filling Machine

  • For some of the best hand sanitizer filling machines available in the industry, choose Npack Machinery for all of your liquid packaging needs. We offer a selection of liquid fillers along with cappers, conveyors and labelers to form a complete production line that brings increased efficiency and quality to your facility. Hand sanitizer is one of the many different types of liquids our equipment is designed to fill.

Automatic Disinfectant Filling Machine

Automatic Piston Sanitizer Bottle Filling Machine Introduction

  • All the machine material are constructed by PVC to anti corrosive including the conveyor, control box.
  • Schneider PLC control, and Schneider touch screen operation it is easy for changing size or modifying parameters.
  • Pneumatic elements are all imported, stability and reliability.
  • Photo-electric sensing and pneumatic linking control, automatic protection for shortage of bottle.
  • Close positioning design, easy governing, suitable for packing of all sizes of bottles.

Sanitizer Bottle Filling Machine Features

  • 1. Only need three people (one operator, two assistants) to operate this production line.
  • 2.Fast and efficient unscrambler is suitable for flat and round bottles and easy to adjust for size. Fallen bottles will be returned to the elevator and the unscrambler will alert operator to unfilled bottles.
  • 3. Servo volumetric filling machine is highly precise. Filling nozzles automatically adjusts to different bottles and reduce foam.
  • 4. The rotary capping machine is 100% qualified and rejects dented or broken caps.
  • 5. The automatic carton opening and sealing machines are easy to operate and speed up production.


Hand Sanitizer

Advantage of Sanitizer Bottle Filling Machine

  • Use strong and long life PVC material
  • PLC control, and adjust the filling volume by touch screen
  • Low cost for investment
  • Diving filling head to anti foamy

soy sauce filling machine

Sanitizer Bottle Filling Machine System

  • Each machine in our product line is intended for the filling and packaging of liquids with low to high viscosity. Hand sanitizer is one of the less viscous products that our equipment can handle. If you would like to complete your hand sanitizer production line, we carry several other machines along with liquid fillers.
  • Use capping machines following the liquid filling process to apply custom caps to effectively seal bottles of nearly any size and shape. After capping is completed, you can use one of our labeling machines to attach high-quality labels that include images, logos, and product information to hand sanitizer containers. Our conveyor equipment can move packaging from one station to the next at low to high speeds, depending on the application’s requirements.

Advanced design

  • 1.1 The machine suits for the filling of different sizes of vessel may change the filling sizes within a few minutes.
  • 1.2 Short filling circle, high production capacity.
  • 1.3 Changing filling circle, high production capacity.
  • 1.4 User may choose the filling volume and decide the filling heads per own production capacity.
  • 1.5 The touching operation color screen, can display the production state, operation procedures and filling ways, tableau objective, operation simple and maintenance convenient.
  • 1.6 Each filling-head is equipped with a bottle-mouth-clamping device, ensuring the injecting material correct aiming at.


filling machine

Design a Custom Production Line

  • if you would like a hand sanitizer filling system that meets the specific needs of your facility on a consistent basis, you can design a customized liquid packaging configuration in your facility with our equipment. Choose from various sizes and shapes to meet area space requirements as well as the filling requirements of the product. You can consult our team of experts for assistance with the design of your system. We will help you by developing and installing a liquid filling system that realizes your line’s full potential through many years of use.


  • Discuss your application with Npack Machinery today and we will help figure out which hand sanitizer filling equipment will best suit your application. We also offer field service, high- speed camera services, equipment installation, and leasing along with packaging equipment. Our products and services can help ensure that your facility benefits from a top-of-the-line production line that remains consistently productive and inexpensive.