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Glass Bottle Alcohol

Glass Bottle Alcohol Filling Capping Machine

  • When you are bottling Alcohol there are several types of filling machines you may choose.
  • Npack offers top of the line Alcohol liquid filling machines that are designed to meet requirements set by regulators of the Alcohol industry. We manufacture the ideal machinery to handle your Alcohol filling needs and meet your production goals.

Automatic alcohol filling machine

  • For a selection of some of the most reliable alcohol filling machines available, choose Npack Machinery. We offer liquid filling machines that can meet your facility’s needs, along with a variety of other equipment including cappers, labelers, and conveyors. Using a combination of this equipment can maximize your alcohol production line’s productivity and longevity, and subsequently your business’s profitability.

Alcohol Filling Capping Machine Solutions

  • Our machines are the most practical and flexible solution to package small doses of Perfume and other products specifically produced for nails. Our machines are known for their simplicity, speed of use, and are easy to clean. But above all, our machines are resistant and made of high quality materials in order to fill nail polish or any other kind of nail product. The dosing machine is designed to be incredibly accurate and does not waste product.

Technical Parameters

  • Applied Bottle:20-500ml
  • Productive Capacity:30-50pcs/min/80-120pcs/min
  • Filling Tolerance:0-2%
  • Qualified cap putting:≥99%
  • Qualified capping:≥99%
  • Power supply:380V,50HZ
  • Power:2KW
  • Net Weight:750KG
  • Dimension:2440(L)×1300(W)×1700(H)mm

Automatic Nail Polish Filling Machine

Install a Complete Alcohol Filling System

  • Our wide range of liquid filling equipment is designed to fill many types of liquid products with different levels of viscosity, including various types of alcohol. Our filling equipment can handle alcoholic beverages or alcohol used for other purposes. In addition to liquid fillers, we also carry other types of liquid packaging machines that can drastically improve your production line’s performance.
  • Once the liquid filling process is finished, capping machines can apply custom-fitting airtight caps on alcohol containers, effectively preventing contamination and leakage. Labeling machines can place colorful labels on packaging that display logos and product information. Conveyors can further improve efficiency by transferring products to different stations at varying speeds.

Implement a Custom Production Line

  • Our liquid packaging equipment is available in multiple size and shape options to allow for easy customization depending on the application. You can design a custom configuration that meets your facility’s specific needs, adhering to space requirements and the needs of the application. If you would like help designing a custom packaging line using our equipment, you can speak with our packaging experts to determine which system of equipment would best suit your facility.
  • Contact Npack Machinery to get started on your custom alcohol filling system. Our knowledgeable staff can assist with both the design and installation of a suitable design, developing a configuration that can provide years of service. We also offer multiple services to improve the performance of both your equipment and staff, including field service, installation, leasing, and high- speed camera services. Our products and services can give your production line what it needs to perform optimally, avoiding breakdowns and other factors that cause inefficiency.


Glass Bottle Alcohol

Product Description

  • 1.The machine is applied filling and stoppering and capping glass bottle, plastic bottle from 20-500 ml
  • 2.Adopted linear type filling ,mechanic way to stoppering,cap putting and capping/screw-capping
  • 3.The machine is easy operate and small footprint, easy maintenance and can be connect to other machine into compact producing line.
  • 4.It is used for pharmaceutical ,food and daily chemical industry.