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Ointment Filling Machine

Ointment Filling Machine

  • At Npack, we manufacture high quality machine for filling viscous liquids like ointment cream, lotion and other viscous products. The Ointment Filling Machines offered by us are available with various filling speed, filling range and are suitable for high viscosity products. All our machineries passes through quality checking process by our experts to perform at its best.

eye drop filling machine

Ointment Filling Machine Description

  • The basic function of to fill the bottle plugging & screw capping ,Containers moving on SS Slat conveyor, feed towards the Star wheel which works on the principle of indexing mechanism which rotate clock wise the container entered into star wheel pocket which is the transferred by the star wheel toward filling station where diving type filling nozzle is mounted where the bottle is to be filled The filled container rotate and carry the bottle towards nozzle placing station where oriented nozzle is come in chute by vibratory feeder which pick by vacuum pickup system is spick and rotate 180 and place on bottle after this operation is to be transfer by star wheel to next station where oriented cap is to be come in chute which pickup by vacuum type pick up system is to be picked up by head and place on bottle after this operation is to be transfer for screw capping system where is to be cap is tighten by screw capping as desired torque once it finished the bottle is to be transferred toward exit conveyor for next operation


  • Filling, Inner Cap Placement & Screw Capping Unit is completely in corporate in single body Structure.
  • Pneumatic System for Inner Cap Placement
  • Mechanical Orientation type Bowl & Chute for Screw Cap Placement
  • All Liquid Contact Parts are of S.S. 316, the Body Structure is built up of S.S. 304 Pipe.
  • Co-eccentric Nozzles allows very quick and precise setting and making unit compact and manageable.
  • No vial, No Cap – Machine Stop System.
  • Easy reach compact panel provides ease and operation
  • Minimum Change over Time. From one size of container or fill size to another.
  • Each Important individual part required for autoclaving/ sterilization can be removed easily.

Technical Parameters

DescriptionOintment Filling Machine
Output / Min40/60 Vials (Depending on the nature the liquid and its fill size or volume)
Power Characteristics440v 3 Phase 50Hz 4 Wire System
Fill Volume0.1 ml to 50ml
Filling Accuracy±1 % on Single Dose
Cap Dia20mm, 25mm 28mm
Net Weight550 kgs
Machine Length900mm
Machine width900mm
Machine height1400mm


  • Exceptional flexibility adapts to small bottles
  • E-cigarette fluids, eye drops and penicillin products
  • Conveyor has adjustable guide rails and replaceable star wheels to suit different product configurations


  • Low energy consumption, high throughput
  • Integrated touch-screen controls for ease of use and high productivity
  • Volume Set feature to control all pistons through Servo System
  • Volume for each piston can be set with one touch on screen – no manual adjustment required


Ointment Filling Machine


  • Management setting with password protection to restrict access
  • Fully enclosed, easy to manage quick changeovers
  • Built in mobility castors to make efficient use of floorspace